Game Over - Bioshock


About this NFT

I love everything related to steampunk, and as such I also love the Bioshock games. Those of you who are familliar with the game will most likely recognize the saying "A man chooses, A slave obeys". A few days ago I found a building in my home town that I haven't paid attention to before, and on the wall of that building was the chainlink that a lot of us associate with the quote from the game. I immidietly knew I had to make this in to an NFT, so I snapped a picture of the wall. It has taken me a few days to create this NFT, and I'm pretty pleased with the result myself. The resolution of this NFT is 2876 x 2996 px, and the size is 12.8 MB. The image that this NFT is based on can be found here: Link to original image

Contact Me

Email: creepybits@creepybits.org